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5 Things that Must Stay When You Sell Your Home

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

Have you become attached to those drapes? Did you pay big money to have a playset installed in your backyard? If you want to keep them, you better disclose them!


While you may think that because you paid to install something it can be taken with you, in fact, there are many things that are considered a part of the house that are not yours to take unless you fully disclose those exclusions in the contract. Here is a list of 5 things that must stay when selling your home:


  1. Curtains, Drapes, Window Coverings


A good rule of thumb is that if it’s bolted to the wall as a “fixture,” then it’s a part of the home. This includes drapes, shades, curtain rods, blinds, and plantation shutters. If they are something you absolutely want to take with you, it’s a good idea to take them down before listing your home.


  1. Backyard Amenities


Not sure if you can take your firepit or child’s playset? Here’s the question you must ask: is it bolted down? If it is bolted down, then it’s a part of the home. If it’s not, then you may take it with you. This could also apply to trampolines, storage sheds, basketball goals, and barbeque grills – to name a few.


  1. Light Fixtures


Any light fixture in the home – that the buyer saw when viewing the home – is a part of the house. Because exclusions can become unnecessary hassles in the contract and can ruin a sale, make a plan to replace a light fixture you want to keep before the buyer sees the home, or just learn to live without it.

  1. Plants & Trees


By law, all shrubs, greenery, and trees are to remain with the home, so don’t think you’ll dig up your favorite plants before leaving. For ornamental flowers or plants, you can often take a cutting off of your favorite plant to replant in your new yard.


  1. TV Mounting Fixtures


Many people assume that because the wall mounting fixture was used for their TV – and they are taking their TV with them – then the fixture is theirs to take too. Because it’s considered a fixture that is bolted to the studs, it is in fact a part of the home.


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