Stacey Sauer | REALTOR®
Team Lead | Listing Agent

Stacey has been in real estate for 20+ years and has a background in teaching. She is widely known and acclaimed for her commitment to superior customer service while always putting the client’s needs first. Stacey is an outgoing people person and excellent at reading personalities.

Bet you didn’t know: Her grandfather was the sheriff of Tombstone, Arizona!

What the team says: “Stacey is a hustler and go-getter! Her drive and ambition are truly unbeatable.”


Jeff Brand | REALTOR®
Head of Growth & Development

Jeff has been selling real estate in DFW since 1995. Using his comprehensive skills, Jeff specializes in team development and sales-to-business evolution with a commitment to fully-operational, lifelong, and thriving business.

Bet you didn’t know: Jeff has jumped out of an airplane not once, but twice!

What the team says: “Jeff is a numerate extraordinaire! His ability and talent to read behind numbers/data continue to amaze the team.”


Suzie Thole | REALTOR®
Buyers Agent

Suzie believes that a real estate agent makes sure that you educate all your clients about the real estate market, be honest and shoot straight with them, be a great listener, as well as, a good communicator!

What the team says: “Suzie is a huge jokester! You have to watch your back around her!”

Julie Dowd| REALTOR®
Buyers Agent

Julie has been selling real estate since 2011. She was an assistant to an agent for 2 years before she got her license! Her motivation is to make sure that people looking for the American dream get the fair treatment and create an enjoyable experience as an advisor and coach to her clients!

What the team says: “If you need an honest, straight-forward answer about something, ask Julie!”


Jana Wren | REALTOR®
Transaction Coordinator

Jana is a lifelong Texas resident! She received her real estate license in 2008. She began her career as a Buyer’s Agent and worked on the listing side before becoming a transaction coordinator, so she understands all sides of the real estate business! As a Transaction Coordinator, Jana coordinates the entire transaction after a contract is executed. She is the master of details and deadlines and keeps in touch with everyone all the way to the closing table.

Bet you didn’t know: Jana is really good at kickboxing! Watch out!  

What the team says: “Jana’s easygoing spirit and friendly demeanor makes her such a joy to work with!”


Cortney Spradling
Listing & Marketing/Events Manager

Cortney is a Marketing B2B graduate who has over 5 years hands-on Marketing experience! She is an expert in all things technology & social media. She also does our videography/photography & handles all Listings going on the market! She strives to throw Events that will always be one to remember!

Bet you didn’t know: Cortney is a huge dog person & has a Bassetlab she rescued and nursed back to health!


Nicole Messick
Apartment Locator

Nicole is our Apartment Locator! Before coming to real estate/apartment locating, she received her business management degree from McCoy School of Business at Texas State University in San Marcos. She also has 10 years of previous customer service experience that she is able to bring to her position.

Bet you didn’t know: Nicole comes from a blended family of 9 brothers and sisters.

What the team says: “Nicole’s vibrant personality is infectious! She always has the office laughing with her whit.”


Mike Markwald

Mike was a high school teacher for 38 years before coming to Brand Properties Group! He taught 19 years of math and 19 years of computer science. As a runner at Brand Properties Group, Mike carries out essential tasks that ensure smoothness and functionality of the systems on our team.

Bet you didn’t know: Mike is a twin but wait! There’s more! His great granddad was a smuggler/bootlegger!

What the team says: “Mike has an incredible baking talent! He has the team in awe with his made-from-scratch recipes.”