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Attn Home Buyers: Use These Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted

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As we enter the prime selling season, many buyers are on the hunt for the perfect home. If you’re a seller, selling a home in Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Argyle is a breeze. Just sit back and wait for the offers to roll in.

If you’re a buyer – you know there is going to be competition when the perfect Flower Mound house rolls along. Don’t be left in the dust; use these tips from The Jeff Brand Team to get your offer accepted!


Say No to Contingencies

This may be a no brainer, but in a competitive market when there are multiple offers on a home, a contingency just isn’t going to win the day and get your offer accepted. Get your affairs in order and limit contingencies, whether it’s related to a current home that you must sell or you are a stickler on the date you take possession. Flexibility is attractive to sellers.


Go In With Your Best Offer

If you and your realtor expect the home to move quickly, go in with your best, most competitive offer. Don’t expect to go in lower and then have room to negotiate, because if the seller gets a better offer, you may never have the chance to counter. Strong offers show the seller you are serious and ready to close the deal.

Make a Personal Connection

It sounds cliché, but it can’t hurt to communicate why you love the house, neighborhood, etc. This can be in the form of a letter – or your realtor can pass along details as they communicate with the seller’s realtor. Chances are, the seller loves their home and an emotional connection, along with a competitive offer, can sway the deal in your favor and get your offer accepted.


Put Down More Earnest Money

Generally speaking, earnest money is between 1-3% of the purchase price of the home, and at the time of sale, it goes toward the sale price. If you’re serious about the house, consider increasing the earnest money up front, letting the seller know you are very serious and you take the offer seriously.


Take the Home with No Repairs

If you feel confident in the condition of the home, putting in an offer with “no repairs needed” can be very enticing to a seller. This means that when the inspector walks the inspection and gives you a report, you do not expect the seller to pay for any of the issues found. An experienced Flower Mound realtor can offer sound advice on whether or not this is wise for you.


Ready to find Flower Mound homes for sale? The Jeff Brand Team is the #1 RE/MAX agency in North Texas and we would love to help you find the home of your dreams. Let us guide you through the process of buying a home with ease!

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