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Continued Growth in North Texas: Amazon Names Alliance Airport a Regional Hub

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The market in North Texas remains strong, with a strong economy and continued growth as new businesses move into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

The latest to announce a move to North Texas: Amazon. 

Amazon to Take Up Residence at Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport

Earlier this month, Amazon named Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport as a regional hub for its shipping process. Amazon said they have already begun building at Alliance, adding infrastructure and buildings for more shipping, sorting, and daily flights. Alliance has been working to attract new business like Amazon, with a spokesperson saying they had recently added runway space, a project that cost $260 million and is expected to help large cargo planes fly in and out of the regional hub. Alliance already has other commercial clients, such as FexEx, that has up to 30 flights a day coming in and out of Alliance.

amazon alliance airport regional hub

Alliance Area Continues to Grow

The writing is on the wall for the area surrounding North Fort Worth and Alliance Airport. The latest move from Amazon is just part of a greater master plan by Alliance, called the AllianceTexas development. It’s a 26,000 acre project that will is estimated to bring many more businesses and jobs to the area. 

And with more jobs, comes the need for more homes. Neighborhoods like Harvest, Canyon Falls, and Trailwood in Argyle and Flower Mound are sure to see home sales continue to climb due to their proximity to the Alliance area. 

The Amazon announcement is just the latest is a string of announcements about growth along the northern I-35W corridor. If you are interested in buying a home in Argyle, North Fort Worth, Northlake, or west Flower Mound, let The Jeff Brand Team help you find the home of your dreams in an area that will continue to increase in value. Call us today to get a jump on what’s available before the market starts picking up again for the Spring season.

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