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Transportation of the Future: What’s on the Horizon for North Texas

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Texas is a big state and getting from city-to-city can take half a day. Want to spend more time weekending in Austin or Houston – and less time in the car? Consider these innovative modes of Dallas transportation in the works now for North Texas!



Beginning in 2020, Uber plans to unveil a whole new way to get around the city: UberAir. UberAir will start out in 3 test markets worldwide – DFW, Los Angeles, and Dubai – showcasing urban air taxis that will be a cross between helicopters and airplanes. These air taxis will initially be operated by pilots, but over time, the goal is to make them completely automated. UberAir’s air taxis would land on their own skyports on specific routes throughout the city.

High Speed Rail

The premise here is a bullet train that travels 200 mph. Proposed: the Texas Bullet Train, slated to open as early as 2024, connecting Dallasites and Houstonians in about 90 minutes time. This project has been subject to much opposition, but shows the most promise in terms of bringing new modes of transportation to North Texas the most quickly.



Wish you could get to Austin in 20 minutes or less? It may be possible with the new Virgin HyperLoop One tube travel system that would push people through at nearly 700 mph! The brainchild of Tesla and PayPal founder Elon Musk, the Texas Hyperloop – dubbed the Texas Triangle – is proposed to move between Dallas, Austin, and Houston.


Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are in the works now and are currently being tested in Frisco! Wouldn’t it be nice to take a little snooze during that long commute while your car drives itself?!


You can learn more about these amazing Dallas transportation options of the future here.


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