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How to Make a Small Flower Mound Home Feel Bigger

posted by: Jeff Brand in Blog

You’re ready to sell but a little nervous buyers will find your small Flower Mound home cramped?


Don’t be.


First off, some buyers are looking for something with less upkeep. Many first time buyers or empty nesters actually prefer a smaller footprint. Secondly, The Jeff Brand Team can help you make that small home feel so much bigger with a few simple Flower Mound home staging hacks!


Raise the Roof


Higher ceilings instantly make homes feel bigger. In order to give the illusion of the highest ceiling possible and to make the room feel bigger, hang all drapes, shower curtains, etc. as high as possible.


Extend the Line of Sight


A home that feels more “open” naturally feels bigger. Extend the line of sight in each room by removing large, dark pieces of furniture, adding mirrors that reflect light, and even taking down bulky drapery that can cover the natural light and cut off the room. You also want to take things out of the corners of each room. It sounds strange, but by opening up the corners, it extends the size of the room.

Opt for Neutrals


Anything busy or bright will overwhelm a small space. Instead, paint the whole house one color that adds cohesion and makes it feel bigger. Then, remove any bedding, couches, etc. that are bright and distracting to the buyer.


Increase the Light


Brighter spaces feel bigger. Add lamps throughout dark parts of the home, and if you really want to increase the lighting, replace all light bulbs with the highest wattage LED bulbs the fixture can handle. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger a bright space will feel during Flower Mound home staging!


Box Up the Stuff


Even if you’ve decluttered and you feel like your home is pretty minimal, trust us, and box up more items in each room that you think are necessary. As a standard rule of thumb, box up anything smaller than a football. The less stuff in each room (and closet!), the bigger it will feel.


Need more tips? Call the #1 RE/MAX Agent in DFW – The Jeff Brand Team! We’re the best realtor in Flower Mound and we specialize in home staging your small Flower Mound home to get your home sold quickly, and for the most money.

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