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Flower Mound Home Staging: How to Stage a Home with Pets

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Selling a home with pets – while you are living there – can sometimes be a challenge.


While you love and adore your four-legged best friend, there are certain buyers that will find a home with pets to be a turn off. In order to maximize the number of interested buyers, follow these tips from the Jeff Brand Team on Flower Mound home staging and how to stage a home with pets:


  1. Remove Signs of Pets


Walk around your home with fresh eyes and hide any evidence of your dog or cat. Litter boxes, water bowls, etc. should be neatly put away and out of site.


  1. Handle Repairs


One of the joys of having a pet is that it often destroys something. You may have become accustomed to some of the things your pet has damaged over the years – baseboards, carpet, etc. – but a potential buyer won’t be so forgiving. These damaged areas from your pet can make a buyer feel like the home is not well taken care of. Instead, have these things repaired before the home ever goes on the market.

  1. Deep Clean


Whether you have pets or not, it’s always a good idea to have your home deep cleaned before it hits the market. If you do have pets, a deep clean will help to neutralize any pet odors that you’ve become accustomed to and give your buyers the sense that your home is well cared for and fresh.


  1. Vacuum Often


If you’re showing your home and have pets, plan to vacuum daily to keep pet hair at bay. You may be used to seeing pet hair on the furniture or wood floors, but potential buyers are not.


If you are planning to sell your home and need Flower Mound home staging tips, please call us at the Jeff Brand Team today! There is a reason we are the #1 RE/MAX agent in North Texas and the best realtor in Flower Mound!

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