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Home Buying 101: Watch Out for these 4 Red Flags Before Buying in a Neighborhood

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You’ve found your dream home – but is the neighborhood everything you hope it will be?


Real estate experts will tell you that location is everything; you can change your home, but you can’t move it.


Instead of hoping for the best, enlist a top real estate agent to help spot these 4 red flags in a neighborhood before you buy:


  1. Lots of Homes for Sale


Especially in the hot selling season of late Spring, you’re going to find quite a few homes on the market. And you’re fine if there are a few sprinkled into your neighborhood – or even onto your street. But if there seems to be a disproportionate amount of homes for sale, then ask yourself, why? This can be a sign that something bigger is going on and there is a reason everyone is selling.


  1. Empty Retail & Commercial Buildings


Drive around your neighborhood and assess the local retail and commercial areas. Do they appear to be thriving – or are there quite a few “for lease” signs? Again, a few is fine, but if there are many, then this is a sign that the neighborhood is on the downturn. And if residents of the local neighborhoods can’t afford to support these businesses, then they likely can’t support keeping up their home either.


  1. Industrial or Unsavory Businesses Nearby


Again, the businesses nearby matter. In addition to looking for empty storefronts, look for other businesses that might be unappealing to have nearby. Gas stations, industrial parks, and bars are all businesses that reduce resale value.


  1. Parking Issues


Don’t only look at the homes in the neighborhood, take a look at the street. Are there a ton of cars parked on the street? This can equate to congestion, noise, and added stress in your neighborhood vs. another neighborhood without as much traffic. Definitely something to consider when looking at Flower Mound area homes.


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