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It’s No Trick – Paint Colors Can Affect Your Flower Mound Home Value

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Thinking of doing a little redecorating before the holiday season?


Whether you are going to sell your home in the next year or in 10 years, being mindful of the paint colors you choose in your home is important. While you want your home to reflect your own personal style, there are certain colors that will boost your Flower Mound home value – and others that turn off buyers and hurt your home value. Read on to learn more from the Jeff Brand Team:


Steer Clear of Highly Saturated Colors


Many buyers find bright, bold colors in the home undesirable. Steer clear of highly saturated hues like bright red, orange, and purple. If you want to decorate with these colors, choose a small space or accent wall to highlight them or work them into your décor (think throw pillows or blankets) that can be easily changed out in the future.


Grey, Beige, or Greige Exteriors are Best


A study by Zillow found that homes that had a grey, beige, or greige exterior sold for more money than those with a bright color or plain white accents. When looking to repaint the exterior, choose neutrals. Want a pop of color on the exterior? The front door is a good place to add personality – with a stylish blue or red door.


Buyers will Pay a Premium for Neutrals


The last thing a buyer wants to think about when the buy a home is repainting. In fact, Zillow found that buyers will pay a premium for homes with neutral colored living spaces. If you don’t want to paint everything neutral now, just know that a fresh coat of paint before your house hits the market can go a long way.


Blues are Calming


If you want to add an accent of color, blues are the #1 decorating color right now. In fact, blue has a calming effect and can make your guests – and potential home buyers! – feel right and home. Blue is the #1 accent color for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. One place you shouldn’t add it? The living room. Zillow found that blue living rooms (paint color that is) negatively impacted home value.

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