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Landscaping Tips for Your Easter Egg Hunt

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By Patti Walsh



Nothing says spring better than a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt … except maybe lawn mowing. Flowers are blooming, and trees are budding in preparation for the approaching scorching summer. Easter is usually the first holiday of the year that includes backyard dining, playing catch with the kids or finding Easter Bunny treasures. Make sure your yard is in top condition for the upcoming festivities with these landscaping tips for your Easter egg hunt.


Know Your Grass Type

You can host the best Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood by making sure your lawn is in pristine condition. It helps if you know your grass type. Many Dallas area homeowners have warm season grasses including St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass. These grasses do well in the hot and humid climate of the DFW area, but each requires different care. St. Augustine grass should be 2-3 inches tall while Bermuda grass prefers a shorter cut at 1.5-2 inches. Knowing the type of grass in your yard will also help you prevent any kind of disease or fungi that could attack the lawn.


Feed It Well

The lawn is the epicenter of home Easter celebrations. You’ll most likely have your Easter egg hunt on the grass. And you’ll want to snap some pictures of those cute kiddos in their Easter outfits while sitting on the lawn. Make sure your photos are perfect by fertilizing the yard the week before Easter. Choosing a quick-release fertilizer will green up the yard in a few days and create the perfect background for all your Easter festivities. Be sure to spread the fertilizer sparingly, though, as too much of it in one spot can burn the lawn and create dead areas. Use as directed and don’t allow fertilizer to run off your property, where it can enter waterways and cause water pollution.


Keep It Mowed

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is a big part of maintaining the exterior of your home. Lawns not only provide a beautiful canvas for the house, but they also extend your living space to the outdoors. Mowing your yard to the optimal height is essential to its health. If a busy schedule doesn’t allow you to mow the lawn, consider hiring a local lawn care company that could service the yard while you’re at work.


Don’t Forget Landscaped Areas

Easter eggs hunts are all about finding the perfect hiding spots for those older kids. Pay close attention to the landscaped areas around your yard including the plants and edges near the home. Trim prickly shrubs and rose bushes to encourage new growth this year as well as make it safer for the little ones. Clear away the cobwebs and any spider nests that you see to keep everyone protected.


Get Rid of Fire Ants

Ants — especially fire ants — are unwelcome guests at any Easter egg hunt. They’re impossible to eliminate, but you can treat the most-infested areas, so the kiddos don’t get bitten. Apply the treatment and put out ant bait a week before Easter to keep the children and eggs safe.


Clear Taller Areas

Some of the best hiding spots for Easter eggs are in those areas that aren’t on the ground. Make sure to clear away any kind of debris or dirt from higher places around the yard. Clear out gutters and brush away any sort of buildup that appeared over the winter. Pay attention to the higher portions of the home exterior to check for activity from ants or other pests.


Enjoying your backyard in the DFW area is an essential part of loving where you live. You want Easter to be a celebration where you can enjoy the spring weather and entertain outside (while it’s still cool enough.) Now, let’s hope for sunshine. Happy hunting.


Patti Walsh is a home and garden writer who takes pride in her own organic vegetable garden landscape. When she’s not gardening in the backyard, you’ll find her firing up the barbecue for her friends and neighbors.

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