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Why the Best Real Estate Agents are RE/MAX Agents

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The Jeff Brand Team prides ourselves on being the best real estate agents in Flower Mound, and one of the key competitive advantages that we have is that we are not just agents – but RE/MAX agents. What does being a RE/MAX agent mean? Here are a few reasons why the best real estate agents are RE/MAX agents:

  1. Power in the RE/MAX Name

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in Texas who couldn’t tell you what the RE/MAX balloon stands for! Our brand recognition is high, and customers know RE/MAX agents are the some of the highest trained, most well equipped in the country. Fun fact: Did you know that RE/MAX actually has over 90 hot air balloons around the world, creating the world’s largest hot air balloon fleet?

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Did you know that RE/MAX real estate agents typically get about 70% of their business from repeat business or customer referrals, while other agents average only 30%? That’s huge! It shows the level of care and customer service that goes into each transaction, care that leads customers back to our door again and again.

  1. Superior Training

RE/MAX agents aren’t just the best real estate agents by chance. The RE/MAX network prides itself on ongoing agent training that leads to more knowledge in those critical moements when you want your agent to know what to do! RE/MAX agents are also shown to hold more advanced professional designations than their counterparts, showing an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Ready to buy or sell a home in Flower Mound, Lantana, Lewisville, Highland Village, Argyle, or the surrounding North Texas cities? Call the best real estate agents in Flower Mound at the Jeff Brand Team! We are equipped to get the best price, in the least amount of time, and get your real estate transaction closed smoothly each and every time!

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